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Presentation Materials

Title Speaker Date Size Link
Dr. DMV's Troubleshooting Toolkit Glenn Alan Berry 01/19/2020  

SQL Server 2019 Diagnostic Information
Glenn's SQL Performance website resources

Managing Yourself Bri Gipson 01/15/2020   Managing Yourself.pptx
Data Lake Design Patterns Jason Horner 10/16/2019

Assessing and Planning SQL Database Migrations to Azure Manguirish Sardessai 9/18/2019 3Mb SQL_Database_Migrations _to_Azure_Final.pdf
Managed Service Accounts Greg Miller 9/18/2019 676Kb Managed Service Accounts.pptx
Azure Analysis Services - multidimensional solutions in the cloud Scot Reagin 8/21/2019 351Kb Azure Analysis Services Multidimensional solutions in the cloud.pdf
The UNPIVOT command Mark Tillman 8/21/2019 183Kb

Lessons Learned from a Successful Enterprise Power BI Deployment

Steve Wake 7/17/2019 878Kb Lessons Learned from a Successful BI Deployment.pdf
Storing Images in a Database Todd Kleinhans 5/15/2019 844Kb Storing Images.pptx
 DBATools Andre DuBois 5/15/2019 44Kb DBATools.pptx
 SQL Saturday #830 PowerPoint Template    4/6/2019  767Kb  SQLSat830Presentation.pptx
Preparing a Technical Presentation Dana Braatz 2/20/2019 797Kb  Preparing a technical presentation.pdf
 Source Control and Database Projects - Just Do It Leslie Weed and Jeff Renz 1/16/2019  982K  Database_Projects_and_TFS.pptx
MongoDB for the SQL DBA Jason Holden 1/16/2019 58K  

Presentation and Demo scripts

GraphQL and SQL Server Isak Sky 6/20/2018
Tips to Increase the Survivability of Your Database André DuBois 6/20/2018  886Kb  TipsIncreaseDBSurvivability.pdf
High Availability - Disaster Recovery 101 Glenn Berry 5/16/2018 450Kb  High Availability - Disaster Recovery 101.pdf
AlwaysOn Availability Groups Jason Holden 5/16/2018  91Kb  SQLAlwaysOnAvailabilityGroups.pptx
Bringing DevOps to the Database  Steve Jones 4/18/2018
SQL Saturday #700 Sponsor Slide               3/13/2018  775Kb  PASS_SQLSaturday_Sponsor_Slide.pptx
SQL Saturday PowerPoint #700 Template    3/13/2018  784Kb SQLSaturday 700 PowerPoint_Template.pptx
 Why is my DBA So Grumpy ... When I Use NOLOCK and Other Query Hints  Rick Lowe 2/21/2018  511Kb  Grumpy_DBA.pdf
Two Guys and a Transformation Gabe Villa & Marc Beacom  11/15/2017 399Kb  TwoGuysAndATransformation.pdf
 Revenge the SQL Rob Volk 10/18/2017  799Kb  



Robs scripts.txt

  SQL Containers and Clones  Paul Stanton 9/20/2017  654Kb  SQL Containers and Clones -- Colorado Springs.pdf
Working with SQL Syntax trees in .NET  Isak Sky  8/16/2017  775Kb  Working with SQL Syntax trees in dotNET.pdf
 Improve SSIS Delivery Meagan Longoria  7/19/2017 893Kb  Improve SSIS Delivery.pdf
 Writing Tableau reports Gilbert Mfitundinda  7/19/2017 596Kb  Writing Tableau reports.pdf
 Analyzing I/O Subsystem Performance Glenn Berry 6/21/2017 901KB Analyzing IO Subsystem Performance
 Amazon Web Services RDS with SQL Server  Chris Wolff 5/17/2017  873 KB  AWSRDSMay2017.pptx
Agile Data Modeling with Data Vault Scot Reagin 4/19/2017 397 Kb  Agile Data Modeling with Data Vault.pdf
 Parameter sniffing solution Teshale Misganaw   4/19/2017  40 KB Parameter Sniffing, Sp_Recompile.pptx
SQL Saturday PowerPoint #584 Template   03/23/2017 428 KB Download
New Cardinality Estimator Susantha Bathige 11/16/2016  
Change Tracking Tim Weigel 10/19/2016  194 KB Download
High Availability Disaster Recovery 101 Glenn Berry 06/15/2016 375 KB Download
SQL Saturday PowerPoint #483 Template   04/02/2016 428 KB Download
Locking Down SQL Server  Paul Nielsen 9/16/2015  31 KB Download
Change Data Capture: A Brief Overview Tim Weigel 9/16/2015 266 KB  


A TVP of three data development mini-topics

  • SuperType/SubType vs. Denormalization

  • User Experience Design Principles for DBAs

  • Designing and Querying Temporal Data

Paul Nielsen 8/19/2015 1.7 MB  Download
SQL Saturday PowerPoint #415 Sponsors Slide   06/06/2015 ? Download
SQL Saturday PowerPoint #415 Template   06/06/2015 672 KB Download
SQL Snippets Bill Hoenig 03/18/2015 199 KB Download
Develop a Quick and Dirty Web Interface to your Database: for the DBA and other non-developers Gabriel Villa 04/18/2012 1 MB Download
Oracle for the SQL Server DBA Kellyn Pot'vin 03/22/2012  1.12 MB Download
Case Study: What is the Best Disaster Recovery Solution? Chris Shaw 03/22/2012  64 KB Download
Detecting and Correcting Database Design Anomalies Troy Ketsdever 09/21/2011  378 KB Download
Utility Database Chris Shaw 08/17/2011  258 KB Download
Denali SQL Server Security Gabriel Villa 08/17/2011  505 KB Download
Encryption, Compliance, and Auditing Tom Norman 05/18/2011  690 KB Download
Dirty Data? Clean It Up! Tim Mitchell 02/16/2011  2.53 MB Download
Powershell for the Reluctant DBA \ Developer Jason Horner 11/17/2010  160 KB Download
Demystifying CTEs Rebecca Mitchell 11/17/2010  1.09 MB Download
Reporting Services 2008 R2 - Report Parts Steve Wake 10/20/2010  117 KB Download
Where To Put Your Package Andrew Dykstra 10/20/2010  339 KB Download
Professional Development Chris Shaw 8/18/2010  186 KB  


Biggest Mission Critical Projects in SQL Server Kevin Cox 7/21/2010  1.97 MB Download





























































































































































































































































































































































































































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